Duplicating Nature's Colors

Painting has long been a way for artists to bring pictures to the world. People, places and objects have been...


Creativity from Nature

Artists often base their work on the world around them. Many take time out of their lives to walk in...


Media Used in Modern Art

Art has always been a craft done by those who are willing to experiment with new techniques and materials. The...

Both the big and small screen has given the impression that art galleries have walls of paintings with a few small metal or stone sculptures. They are populated with sophisticated people who drink champagne and talk about the meaning of the pieces displayed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern art galleries do have plenty of pictures and sculptures on display. They also have glass pieces, textiles and ceramics. Artists work in many different mediums and art galleries display as many as possible for their customers. This gives people a wide range of choices for their artistic tastes.