Admiring Textiles

One of the possibly least appreciated styles of art belongs to the world of textiles, but that has changed in recent years. While few people think of it as art, many of them wear these creations in their everyday lives. Clothing has become a place where art can be expressed by anyone choosing to purchase it, and those who design modern textiles have their own measures of what is now textile art. While it is not as widely admired in many societies as other mediums, it still has its share of adherents in many parts of the world.

Natural materials are important in many art forms, and textiles created solely as art is one of them. Cotton has long been a good material for creating durable clothing, but it also takes dyes well enough to be a good choice for artists. Tie-dying cotton shirts has long been a fad for those who want their own form of expression, and an experienced artist can do even more with these materials to create a usable piece of art that will be seen by many.

Some arts and crafts have come down through the years in families or small groups, and they have their own means of creating art from textiles. Quilting is one of the main ways this is done, and some people have an extensive collection of materials they can use. Modern quilters have their own storage mediums, quilting machines, and they still have quilting bees to work together companionably to create their pieces.

It might seem as if textile art could be a wear once and toss medium, but there are those who still have pieces made decades ago. If it is not in style today, it will come back into style a few decades from now, and that pattern should continue to repeat. Even those quilts made at home have begun to find new life at art shows in modern galleries.